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today I turned 20

& what a weird feeling I woke up with.
it’s new but nostalgic, if that makes any sense. I feel happy. I feel like writing again & drawing every random thing that might pass through my head.

now that we’re moving to Albuquerque at the beginning of the summer I feel like we have a true chance at a fresh start. there are just so many thoughts flowing right now. it reminds me of when I used to get these huge inspirations for really complicated drawings when I was younger. when I had the time to actually spend on my art & work until I felt it was complete. back when my grandpa was around & things were easy & everyone was happy. things seem harder nowadays.

but I woke up with a new attitude to tackle all this crap (& anxieties) with today. I woke up with inspiration for the future I guess.
sorry, this is probably corny.

maybe I’ll post a drawing later



Dragonite & Ghost OG Shatter👻🔥👌 by pokemonandkush
All I want to do is go on road trips and have sex. Just with you though (via arijuanna)

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